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20.01.19 Annual kick-off 2019

Kick-off at AHP Merkle GmbH

 On 11. January 2019 it was that time again: The employees of the AHP family gathered together for the annual kick-off in Merzhausen (Freiburg) to celebrate the beginning of a new year.

After a casual reception in the entrance foyer of the „Forum Kultur-und Buergerhaus“ where Sebastian Koenig and his quartet accompanied with a upbeat music, we started at 5.45pm: CEO Christen Merkle welcomed all guests, all of them employees of AHP Merkle Germany, Portugal, Italy and China as well as the employees of Baden Hydraulik in Kollnau.

Along with Sebastian Koenig and band (» there was another special guest Lutz Wagner, former arbitrator of the national league, who gave an entertaining, thrilling and motivating presentation devided into two half-times. And we were patient, even though he clearly blew the whistle after the official play time (» During the breakes he has been surrounded by the young and elderly. On this occation contentious scenes from the past could have been clearified and discussed.  

A neat and tasty 3-course menu of „Koepfer Steinbuck“ (» has been followed by the impulse presentation of CEO Christen Merkle. He was able to introduce the upcoming year and get everyone in the mood for the future. By pointing out the current status it became clear which challenges are expected in 2019 and that they can only be met together. In the end the 6 most important „To Dos“ that will be tacked and implemented preferably in 2019, have been defined. 

After this presentation CEO Katrin Merkle congratulated a whole bunch of jubilarians on stage who had their 15th, 20th, 25th business anniversary in 2018. Followed by a film showing all employees who celebrated their 30th business anniversary. You will find the film hier.

Last but not least a few words from the Managing Board: Paul Gutmann (Operation Manager) followed. His assistant Sebastian Schweizer handed over the flowers and presents. 

Eventually it was time to try the lovely prepared dessert buffet and the evening came to an end when the janitor gave us a hint to call it a night.  

This kick-off as an indication for a good business year 2019, has given a lot of optimism and peace of mind! 

It is always a pleasure to work and celebrate with this „big family“ ! We already look forward to the next occation!  


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